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This quiz is intended for educational and informational purposes only. In no way should this information be used as a substitute for medical advice, and PCOSA strongly recommends discussing this information with a qualified personal physician. PCOSA will not be liable for any damage resulting from the use of the information on this site.

Section 1: Menstrual Irregularities

Score one point for each item unless otherwise indicated:

When not on birth control pills, do you have or have you ever had any of the following problems:

Eight or fewer periods per year
No periods for an extended period of time (4 or more months)
Irregular bleeding that starts and stops intermittently
Fertility problems
(Score 2 points if you have seen a fertility specialist or been treated with fertility drugs to induce ovulation.)

Section 2: Skin Problems

Score one point for each item unless otherwise indicated:

Adult acne, or severe adolescent acne
Excess facial or body hair, especially upper lip, chin, neck, chest and/or abdomen
Skin tags
Balding or thinning hair
Dark or discolored patches of skin on your neck, groin, under arms or in skin folds.
(Score 2 points if you answer yes to this question.)

Section 3: Weight and Insulin-Based Problems

Score one point for each item unless otherwise indicated:

Excess weight or difficulty maintaining weight
(Score 2 points if your excess weight is centered around your middle)
Sudden unexplained weight gain
Shaking, lack of concentration, uncontrollable hunger and/or mood swings 2 or more hours after a meal
Type II Diabetes
(Score 2 points if you answer yes to this question)
Family history of Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease or Hypertension

Section 4: Related Problems*

*Although there is little or no documented research, many women with PCOS have experienced the following problems.

Place a check mark next to each applicable item in this section.

Depression and/or anxiety
Rapid pulse and/or irregular heartbeat
Pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes or excess amniotic fluid